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Meet Marketing Consultant, Sasha Forsen

Blonde Media is an Omaha-based communication and marketing consulting company founded by Sasha Forsen. 

Sasha has invested nearly fifteen years helping growth companies establish strategies with execution to achieve their evolving goals and objectives. She is passionate about understanding the details of an organization to create impactful and lasting approaches to communication and marketing, complete with processes that her clients can implement in their business. 

Let’s get your message right, on the right track, pointing your customers in the right direction.
Get customized, practical marketing strategy and plans elevating your marketing message to achieve your goals.

Tell your story through:

Marketing Strategy
Project Management
Logo & Branding 
Public Relations
social media
Social Media

Marketing might be the last thing on your mind. You know you need to do it, but don’t have the time to think about it much less inquire what it takes to build what is required.

You’re in control of your destiny and your business future. Get the results you’re looking for by taking advantage of available opportunities and addressing common organizational concerns including: 
  • Making predictable profit
  • Ability to evolve to next phase
  • Hiring qualified and dependable workforce
  • Lacking resources to support business growth
  • Larger competitors taking your clients
  • Balancing growing your business with family and personal responsibilities
  • Environmental crisis; such as current coronavirus pandemic
Blonde Media can break through that. Clients trust us to be an extension of what they’re working towards. We learn and understand where you are in your business and create a plan to address your goals accordingly.

Imagine having enough volume of the type and kinds of work you and your team loves and excels in. The kind of work that creates pride in your team members. The kind of work that generates respect and trust from your clients. The kind of meaningful work that attracts new business and fosters new resolve with everyone’s involvement. Reinvigorate your business, team and client acquisition results.

Don’t let your story go unheard! 

Blonde Media will take the time to hear what’s unique about your business to help you connect with your audience. 
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